Hal cover

Surviving Hal, Puncher & Wattmann, 2019

Mothers-in-law are famous for being difficult but when Nell marries Andy it’s her father-in-law, Hal, who is the problem. A corrosive force in his own family, Hal is a truly ugly Australian who spreads his corruption whenever he gets the chance. Surviving Hal takes place in Sydney and Thailand and is the story of Nell and Andy trying to keep their family together against the influence of a charismatic but ugly soul.

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sing to me cover image

Sing To Me, Penguin Books, 1998

“(Flanagan’s) fine phrasing and adept characterisations are the sign of an accomplished writer.”

Business Review Weekly, May 1998

“A challenging novel full of insight and revealing honesty.”

Who Weekly, June 1998

“Sing To Me’s stand-out images are related to (a musician’s) life on the road: the inexpressible joy of performing, the sub-culture and its camaraderie …”

Sydney Morning Herald, Metro, May 1998

changing the sky cover image

Changing The Sky, Hodder & Stoughton, 1994

“… by halfway through, there’s no putting it down. Unless you can’t tolerate a lump in your throat, that is.”

Viewpoint, Volume 4, Summer 1994

“Penny Flanagan has produced a stylish first novel … studded with comic gems.”

New Librarian, June 1994